CANADA: Report on murdered and missing indigenous women in British Columbia
14/Jan/2015 News
Findings show that while indigenous women are significantly over-represented as victims, the police have failed to adequately prevent and protect indigenous women and girls from killings, disappearances and extreme forms of violence.
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CHILE: Children Stolen by Dictatorship Finally Come to Light
12/Jan/2015 News
[31 December 2014] - The suspicion that babies of people detained and disappeared during Chile’s 1973-1990 dictatorship...
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NEW REPORT: Unaccompanied children treated as criminals in the Commonwealth of Independent States
19/déc/2014 News
Press release of CRIN's report on rights violations of unaccompanied children travelling between the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States.
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World Refugee Day 2014: Number of refugees displaced globally tops 50 million
20/juin/2014 News
UNHCR report says more than half of those displaced are children, with aid organisations reaching breaking point.
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SYRIA: Number of children affected by conflict has doubled since last year, says UN
11/mar/2014 News
As conflict enters its fourth year, report by UNICEF shows number of Syrian children affected has more than doubled in the past year.  
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CORÉE DU NORD : une commission de l'ONU réclame la saisine de la Cour pénale internationale
21/fév/2014 News
[Le 17 février 2014] - De multiples crimes contre l'humanité, découlant de politiques établies au plus haut sommet de l...
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NORTH KOREA: UN-mandated human rights inquiry documents 'widespread, systematic abuses'
18/fév/2014 News
A UN-mandated report documents a grim array of human rights abuses in North Korea and calls for urgent action, including referrals to the International Criminal Court.
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Child Neglect - A guide for intervention
2/déc/2013 Publication
pdf: http://www.childwelfare.gov/pubs/usermanuals/neglect/index.cfm
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Formes de violence : **Abandon**
29/nov/2013 Publication
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Assessment of Violence against Children
26/nov/2013 Publication
Summary: Results of an Initial Desk Review for the UN Secretary General’s Study on Violence against Children, East and...
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