Community and on the streets

FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: Venezuelan 14-year-old killed during anti-government protest
25/fév/2015 News
Kluiverth Roa was injured during a confrontation between police and protesters in the city, and died on the way to the hospital, according to local human rights workers.
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SOUTH SUDAN: Gunmen kidnap at least 89 boys from village near Malakal
23/fév/2015 News
UNICEF estimates that at least 12,000 children have been taken or recruited in South Sudan’s civil war for use as soldiers last year.       
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NIGERIA: Seven-year-old girl kills herself and five others in suicide bombing
23/fév/2015 News
Terrorist group Boko Haram has been suspected to be behind the third incident this year in which children have been used to carry out attacks in Nigeria.
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SOUTH SUDAN: Government forces recruiting child soldiers
17/fév/2015 News
Both parties to South Sudan’s conflict are actively recruiting and using child soldiers, some boys as young as 13 years old. 
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CÔTE D'IVOIRE : enlèvements et mutilations de 21 enfants
28/Jan/2015 News
L'Unicef a vivement condamné mardi l'enlèvement de 21 enfants en Côte d'Ivoire depuis décembre dernier, dont les corps mutilés de 20 d'entre eux ont ensuite été retrouvés.
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SENEGAL: Women kill own babies due to strict abortion laws
4/déc/2014 News
Clandestine abortions or infanticide are the outcome of Senegal's strict abortion laws, allowing abortions only under life threatening circumstances.
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CAPE VERDE: Country becomes sixth African state to prohibit all corporal punishment of children
3/oct/2014 News
Cape Verde has joined the list of states enacting legislation which prohibits all corporal punishment of children, including within the family.
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Human Rights Council holds panel discussion on violence against children
24/sep/2014 News
The Human Rights Council held a panel discussion yesterday on "accelerating global efforts to end violence against children".
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VIOLENCE : Les enfants victimes d'une violence omniprésente selon un rapport de l'UNICEF
8/sep/2014 News
Le Fonds des Nations Unies pour l'enfance a publié de nouvelles données révélant l'ampleur des sévices physiques, sexuels et psychologiques que subissent les enfants à travers le monde.
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