Article 32: Child labour

NEPAL: Country struggles to contain human trafficking problem
9/Mayo/2013 News
Summary: As trafficking laws go unenforced, Nepalese women and children are being coerced into the sex and construction...
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UNITED STATES: Progress required to tackle adverse impacts of business, say UN experts
2/Mayo/2013 News
Summary: The United States still faces significant challenges to address the adverse impacts of business activities on...
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SENEGAL: Government acts on child begging after fire kills nine in care of renegade teacher
18/Abr/2013 News
Summary: Government plans to shut substandard Islamic schools after fire shows risks to children forced to earn money for...
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UNITED KINGDOM: Human trafficking victims tell of drug factory ordeal
9/Abr/2013 News
Summary: Call to protect those forced into crime after being held prisoner on UK cannabis farms...
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Film: Kigali Street Kidz
8/Abr/2013 Publication
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What Inequality Means For Children: Evidence From Young Lives
3/Abr/2013 Publication
Summary: Understanding how poverty and inequalities affect children is central to understanding the impact of the MDGs and...
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Film: 'Blood in the Mobile'
Mié, 24/04/2013 - 00:00 Event
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INDIA: Government bans all forms of child labour
22/Mar/2013 News
Summary: Child Rights activists across India have hailed the Parliament of India for passing a landmark law against...
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Il faut protéger 15 millions d’enfants travailleurs domestiques
4/Mar/2013 News
Summary: Dans une lettre publiée aujourd’hui, CRIN et 9 autres organisations internationales de défense des droits humains...
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SOMALIA: Persistent violations of children's rights
1/Mar/2013 Publication
Summary: The violations highlighted are those issues raised with the State by more than one international mechanism. This...
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