Article 32: Child labour

OIT : Le Traité international sur les droits des employés de maison entre en vigueur
9/Sep/2013 News
Summary: La nouvelle est passée pour le moins inaperçue. Pourtant, ce 5 septembre, un cap considérable en matière de droit...
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TANZANIA: Children are exposed to a minefield of labour, mercury for the sake of gold
4/Sep/2013 News
Summary: Thousands of children are working in small-scale Tanzanian gold mines, with many using or being exposed to...
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Mauritania: the fight against child domestic labour
2/Sep/2013 News
Summary: They get up at dawn, have to do strenuous jobs and are exposed to physical or sexual violence. These little girls...
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Concluding Observations for Haiti's Initial Periodic Report
20/Ago/2013 UN and Regional Documentation
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