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Children's helplines worldwide
22/May/2018 Publication
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Interactive dialogue between children and governments at special session follow up
27/Nov/2013 Publication
Summary: Informal dialogue with government delegations, members of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child and...
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We learn and have fun with our differences
5/Mar/2013 Publication
Owner: be-free programpdf:
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MACEDONIA: Child-Friendly Justice for Children Video Brochure
14/May/2012 Publication
Summary: This video reviews and explains the rights of child victims and witnesses in Macedonian, with subtitles in...
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UK: Restorative Justice - A Guide for Young People
23/Feb/2012 Publication
Summary: Northern Ireland Justice Minister David Ford has launched an innovative new guide to restorative justice for...
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Youth Organisations Worldwide
17/Feb/2012 Publication
Summary: This is a regularly updated list of Youth and Youth Led Organisations. If you know of any other youth or youth...
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NAMIBIA: Comic - What to do if you can't pay the School Development Fund Contribution
30/Jan/2012 Publication
pdf: - School Fees - English for web.pdf
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NAMIBIA: Promoting safe schools through School Codes of Conduct
30/Jan/2012 Publication
pdf: - School Codes of Conduct - English for web-1.pdf
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My pocket guide to CRC reporting
30/Sep/2011 Publication
This is a guide for children who want to tell the UN about children's rights in their country.
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NAMIBIA: Child Abuse (cartoon)
14/Apr/2011 Publication
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