Children's Right to Be Heard in Judicial Proceedings: Case studies

Court judgements

Europe: Court Judgements, Child Rights Alliance for England (CRAE)

England: Human Rights Judgements 2004 - present, Child Rights Alliance for England (CRAE)

Country-specific papers on children's right to be heard in judicial proceedings

Honduras: From Paper to Practice: An analysis of the juvenile justice system in Honduras, the Children’s Legal Centre (2005)
Go to p.14 for information on children’s courts and p. 28 on children’s right to be heard in judicial proceedings

France: A Child's Right to Expression in the Courtroom under International Conventions and French National Law, Patrick Geary, Yale Law School (2005)

Canada: Through the Eyes of Young People: Meaningful Child Participation in BC Family Court Processes, International Institute for Child Rights and Development (September 2006)


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