ZAMBIA: African children's charter set to be ratified

[LUSAKA, 21 June 2008] - Zambia is set to ratify the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child, according to Times of Zambia. 

The newspaper quoted Sports, Youth and Child Development Minister Gabriel Namulambe as saying that the Cabinet had approved the charter. He said President Levy Mwanawasa has asked him to ensure the contents were enshrined in the republican constitution, a process which would take place through the National Constitutional Conference (NCC).

"The cabinet approved the Africa Charter on Monday, Day of the African Child. To that effect, I was directed by the President to ensure I take the contents of the charter to NCC which should enshrine them in the constitution," he said.

Namulambe said Zambia was set to provide legislation for measures contained in the charter, such as discouraging child labour and providing free education to children.

He said there was hope for the Zambian child because the charter adressed the welfare of vulnerable children whose rights were violated.

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