World Summit on the Information Society (16-18 November 2005)

Summary: This multi-stakeholder event, consisting of exhibitions, workshops, presentations and discussions, provides an opportunity to showcase, exchange and discuss the role and use of ICT for development.


- ECPAT (Make-IT-Safe) and UNICEF are organising a panel discussion on e-child protection at WSIS on 15 November. It will outline the problems, responses and what WSIS Tunis can do to protect children from sexual exploitation through ICTs. 

- The Development Research Network Bangladesh (D.Net) and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada, are organising a seminar on ‘Improving Access to Information through ICT: Missing Dimension in Poverty Alleviation (Case Study Bangladesh)’ to be held on 15 November 2005 at WSIS. The session will highlight the issues of access to information as a part of access to resources.

- UNESCO with its unique mandate to promote the free exchange of ideas and knowledge plays a key role in the WSIS preparation. View its WSIS stand online.

- A Panos website offers journalists tools to report on the information society, and a place to discuss the challenges and opportunities they face.

- Bellanet will be part of the ICT4All exhibition to take place in Tunis, during the Summit. Bellanet has partnered with APC, IICD, OneWorld, Panos, HIVOS, DfiD, and SDC to form the Building Communications Opportunities "Souk" at the ICT4All Exhibition. This is a joint presence of like-minded organisations working at the juncture of development and ICTs.

See list of documents and submissions fo the Tunis phase.

See list of parallel events.



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