Regional High Level Consultation

Summary: Takes place in Kathmandu. South Asian governments led by Ministers of Finance for Planning. Additionally, two workshops will take place and allow overlap and interaction between these three events: a workshop for youth change makers (19-24 May) and corporate leaders consultation (21-23 May).

ROSA Regional High Level Consultation, 22-23 May (Kathmandu): His Majesty's Government of Nepal is inviting South Asian governments to participate in a High Level Meeting on Children in Kathmandu between 22-23 May 2001. The meeting, subtitled "A South Asian Imperative: Investing in Children", is sponsored together with UNICEF. It is suggested that delegations are led by the Minister of Finance or the Minister of Planning. In conjunction with this meeting, two workshops will take place, allowing for overlap and interaction between the three events. The workshops will be (a) Workshop for Young Change Makers (19-24 May),organized with Save the Children Alliance, which will take the lead. Save the Children has a good network of young people's organizations in the region, and participants will be selected from those. The overall aim of the workshop is to encourage and empower young participants to become activist change agents back in their own countries. The young Change Makers will also be part of the two other meetings and have possibilities to advocate their issues with corporate heads and senior government officials; (b) Corporate Leaders' Consultation, a small meeting between 21-23 May, designed to bring together corporate leaders who have already shown a commitment to corporate social responsibility or commitment to the future of young people in their society. This would include senior executives of major corporations. There will be interaction and overlap between corporate leaders, the young Change Makers and the senior government officials. A corporate sector "ambassador" will help advocate with private sector leaders to bring them on board.

Owner: UNICEF Regional Office of South Asia


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