International Labour Conference, International Labour Organisation

Summary: Geneva, Switzerland
First, there is the working out (in Committee) and adoption (in
Plenary) of international labour standards in the form of Conventions
and Recommendations.
The Conference is also a forum where social and labour questions of
importance to the entire world are discussed freely -- sometimes
passionately. Delegates explore the course of social progress in the
world but the central theme is the overall report presented each year
by the ILO's Director-General. Some recent reports were: Social
insurance and social protection (1993), Defending values, promoting
change: Social justice in a global economy (1994), Promoting
employment (1995), and The ILO, standard setting and globalization
The Conference also passes resolutions which provide guidelines for
the ILO's general policy and future activities.
Every two years the Conference adopts the ILO's biennial work
programme and budget, which is financed by member States.
Owner: The member States of the ILO


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