Improving Standards of Care for Alternative Child & Youth Care: Systems, Policies and Practices

Udayan Care is excited to announce second biennial international conference on the theme "Improving Standards of Care for Alternative Child & Youth Care: Systems, Policies and Practices", again with special focus on South Asia, in March 2016.

This conference will be an opportunity for the delegates from SAARC Countries, experts from the western world, civil society representatives, delegates from organisations and governmental bodies working on child protection and alternative care, to gather together to learn from and with one another.

The program of the proposed conference has been designed with the objective of sharing experiences, best practices, research and information on alternative child care, with special emphasis on the development of care staff at Children's homes. It will also attempt to examine the gaps in legislative and policy environments of After Care settings in South Asian Region vis a vis the implementation status. The presentations and interchange shall be oriented toward providing practical and concrete information and discussions on the specific agenda.



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