European Youth Foundation reloaded – it all starts with You(th)


From 4 to 6 February 2013, the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe is organising a meeting with representatives of youth NGOs experienced in running youth projects. 

After 40 years of existence and many changes in a broader context, we want to reframe our partnership with a new and improved system of working together. The EYF will work according to new operational regulations in 2013 and is reloading its grant application and reporting system (more information on

So help us to help you! We want to meet you to further exchange updates, news and views about the way the EYF will work as from 2013 and about the (perceived) role of the EYF in supporting civil society, based on the values and principles of the Council of Europe.

As a result of this meeting, we expect to:

  • have a common understanding on a strategic use of EYF grants to best meet the needs of young people in all Council of Europe countries;
  • gain awareness about the different situations organisations address with the support of EYF grants;
  • revitalise transparency and accountability between the European Youth Foundation and youth organisations;
  • achieve open and informal networking between the EYF team and the people running projects with EYF grants.

Who is this meeting for?

If you were/are running EYF-funded projects in an organisation that is registered in the EYF database this invitation is for you! We ask each organisation to send only one application!

We are looking for 40 people who:

  • are able to work in English;
  • are aged between 18-30 (some exceptions for 30+ will be possible);
  • are representing/working for an organisation registered with the EYF;
  • are working as multipliers in their region/network;
  • run youth projects (writing applications, organising, reporting);
  • have had experience with at least three grant applications to the EYF (successful or not).

For the final selection we will ensure gender balance and a good geographical representation of Council of Europe countries and its civil society organisations.

Selection and deadline for applications

Any organisation wishing to nominate a person to attend this meeting is invited to send the application form to [email protected] before 25 November 2012 (midnight CET)

Selected participants will receive confirmation and more information on logistics at the beginning of December 2012.

For more information on the event, or to apply to attend, download the attachment above. 



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