Developing innovative research with children and young people


Course participants will have the chance, throughout the 2 day course, to apply and discuss learning to their own research and practice. It is ideally suited to those who undertake participation work with children and young people, experienced researchers who are planning to undertake new research with children and young people, and postgraduates who are developing their fieldwork methods.

The course is highly participative, aiming to draw on participations’ experiences. Course participants will have access to a be-spoke website, with annotated resource list. It will be delivered by Dr Susan Elsley and Professor Kay Tisdall, who have extensive expertise in research with children and young people.

This course will :

  • Explore the continuum of children and young people’s involvement in research — from participants to co-production
  • Consider critically how to make research with children and young people meaningful and ethical
  • Draw on case studies and experts in involving children and young people
  • Share international and national examples, with attention to diversity amongst children and across cultures

The course fee is £350. UK academics can apply for the NCRM training bursary in late November.



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