Committee on the Rights of the Child: 64th session

Summary: The Committee on the Rights of the Child will hold its 64th Session from 16 September to 4 October 2013. Below are full details on the session, including the list of alternative reports submitted by NGOs.





  • 4 October - Committee closes session.

Read the final press release.

The Concluding Observations are set to be released this week.

  • 30 September - Luxembourg reviewed

The Committee raised issues concerning measures taken to facilitate the integration of migrant children in society, particularly in the education system, awareness of the principles of the Convention among young children and adolescents, opportunities for young persons to express their views, voice concerns and lodge complaints, and the withdrawal by Luxembourg of reservations on the Convention.  Questions were also asked about the country’s rate of school drop-outs, juvenile justice and the detention of minors, the level of participation of civil society in the drafting of the country report, and the distinction between legitimate and illegitimate children in domestic legislation. More here.

  • 27 September - China reviewed
The Committee expressed concern about reports of ongoing and systematic violations against children, in particular children of minority groups, children belonging to Falun Gong, children with disabilities, migrant children and children affected by HIV/AIDS. Questions were also asked about juvenile justice, lead poising, healthcare, breastfeeding, access to education and the adoption of orphans. The provision of military training in secondary schools, the minimum age of conscription and the exports of small firearms were also among issues raised.  More here.
  • 25 September - Paraguay reviewed
Committee Members raised issues concerning the adoption procedure, the phenomenon of child domestic workers (“criadazco”), the functioning of military schools operating in Paraguay and birth registration. Questions were also asked about extraterritorial jurisdiction, the circulation of erotic images of adolescents, awareness-raising campaigns undertaken to change cultural stereotypes and support and compensation provided to child victims. More here.
  • 20 September - Tuvalu reviewed

Read about the review, here.

  • 18 September - Kuwait reviewed

During the examination, experts raised issues such as early marriage, the situation of “Bidoun” children and their access to education and healthcare, care for children with disabilities and forms of violence against children.    Questions were also asked about measures to protect children of divorced parents and children whose parents had received a prison or death sentence. More here.

  • 17 September - Sao Tome and Principe reviewed

At the close of the dialogue, the Committee said it would make recommendations on preventing discrimination against pregnant girls and early pregnancies, improving the right of children to be heard, enhancing social protection and improving the juvenile justice system. More here.

  • 16 September - Session opens

The Committee opened the 64th session this morning, adopting its agenda and programme of work. In addition to considering reports of States, the experts will:

- Discuss the organization of its future work and methods of work
- Continue to work on the draft joint General Comment on harmful practices, which is being developed with the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women

Other updates:

- On 7 October, the Committee will hold its fourth biennial high-level consultation with UNICEF
- On 21 September, it will hold a retreat (in Morges, Switzerland) on the topic of child participation in the Committee’s work
- OHCHR is working on the follow-up to the report on the promotion and protection of the rights of children working and/or living on the streets, which had been prepared in 2011. A follow-up meeting is scheduled to take place in Singapore in December this year.


States under Review

The following States will be reviewed on their compliance with:

- The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC)






Sao Tao and Principe



- The Optional Protocol to the CRC on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography (OPSC)


No reports submitted.


No reports submitted.

- The Optional Protocol to the CRC on the involvement of children in armed conflict (OPAC)


No reports submitted.


  • Coordinadora por los Derechos de la Infancia y la Adolescencia E-S



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