Zimbabwe is a landlocked Southern African country, bordering South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique. President Robert Mugabe has reigned for more than three decades, at times engaging in blatant electoral fraud and authoritarian tactics against opponents, but recent elections have attracted more international scrutiny and some concessions have been made under pressure of Western sanctions. Targeting of human rights defenders and political activists, along with political violence more generally, are severe problems in Zimbabwe, as is the widespread use of child labour and recruitment of children into military and paramilitary units.

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1275470Population586600032195.389681668Population under 1514810008128.4302963776Number of internet users
172 Human development index143 Happy planet ranking

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ZIMBABWE: UPR submission on inhuman sentencing
21 Mar 2016
Our research indicates that in Zimbabwe, people may lawfully be sentenced to life imprisonment for offences committed while under the age of 18 and males under the age of 18 may be sentenced to corporal punishment.
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