The three island groups that make up Kiribati cover over five million square kilometres of the Pacific - though, with no land more than three metres above sea level, it is expected to be the first nation to lose all its territory due to climate change. Independent from Britain since 1979, Kiribati’s president is both head of state and of government, appointed by and from a 45 member elected legislative assembly. Kiribati’s major issue in human rights is its lack of capacity to engage with - and only limited ratification of - UN treaty bodies and relevant mechanisms, alongside issues of corporal punishment and life sentencing for both children and adults.

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Quick Facts

10270070Population3600024.537487828627Population under 15100746.8664070107108Number of internet users
121 Human development index

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KIRIBATI: UPR submission on inhuman sentencing of children
16 Jun 2014
Our research indicates that in Kiribati, people may be lawfully sentenced to life imprisonment and corporal punishment for...
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