Violence at work

SLAVERY: 29 million people enslaved, says first global index on slavery
17/Oct/2013 News
Summary: Survey attempts to measure modern-day slavery country by country, and campaigners plan to use data to tackle the...
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USA: Parents upset over school's corporal punishment permission form
30/Sep/2013 News
Summary: One mother was shocked to find her daughter’s new school uses corporal punishment....
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CHILD LABOUR: UNICEF reacts to Mongolia’s child jockeys
22/Jul/2013 News
Summary: During this year’s Naadam celebrations, horse racing – together with wrestling and archery – takes place as part...
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UK: Gang violence ‘out of control’ in young offenders' prison
11/Jul/2013 News
Summary: Security cameras captured premeditated attacks in Feltham prison - with nearly two recorded every day....
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