Sexual exploitation

USA: Inquiry finds a ‘culture of violence’ against teenage inmates at New York's Rikers Island
5/Aug/2014 News
Inquiry finds that the civil rights of male teenagers were violated and that there was no protection given to the boys from the rampant use of unnecessary and excessive force by correction officers.
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GHANA: Suba de la prostitución infantil
24/Jul/2014 News
Según un relevamiento oficial, la prostitución infantil es una de las principales cuestiones en materia de protección de niños en la Región Superior Oriental del país.
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UGANDA: "Where Do You Want Us to Go?"
23/Jul/2014 Publication
This Human Rights Watch report documents human rights violations against street children in Uganda by police and local government officials, members of the community and older homeless children and adults.
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SEXUAL ABUSE: Charity accused of failing to investigate historical child abuse claims
23/Jul/2014 News
A woman who complained sixteen years ago to the Salvation Army in England of being abused by charity personnel in the 1970s now wants an inquiry.
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ARMED CONFLICT: Rape survivors in Central African Republic not getting help
23/Jul/2014 News
The presence of armed groups and continued fighting has left women and girls vulnerable to forced marriage and extreme violence, including rape.
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MEXICO: Hundreds of children found at vermin-infested shelter
22/Jul/2014 News
Children routinely subjected to physical, psychological and sexual abuse at "The Big Family" shelter and denied visits from their parents, say authorities.
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SYRIA: Child marriage soars among Syrian refugees in Jordan
18/Jul/2014 News
Girls who have fled Syria's civil war are increasingly vulnerable to exploitation, domestic violence and poverty, warns the UN.
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CHINA: Lack of sex education behind child abuse cases, claim experts
8/Jul/2014 News
Legal experts have said a lack of awareness among minors, parental negligence and flawed safety systems are often to blame for the sexual abuse of minors.
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ARMED CONFLICT: Child rights being violated in conflict situations with total impunity, says UN official
2/Jul/2014 News
UN Secretary-General’s annual report on children and armed conflict shows children were recruited and used, killed and maimed, victims of sexual violence and other grave violations in 23 country situations in 2013.
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