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FRANCE : L'Etat coupable de carences à l'égard d'enfants autistes
23/Jul/2015 News
La justice a reconnu l'Etat coupable de carences et de préjudice moral à l'égard d'enfants autistes. Sept familles vont être indemnisées, à hauteur de plus de 240.000 euros.
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FOOT : Trafic de mineurs africains vers le Laos
23/Jul/2015 News
Des jeunes footballeurs africains de 14 ans ont été victimes de trafic vers le Laos où  ils vivaient des conditions « déplorables et inquiétantes ». L'Ong Culture Foot Solidaire estime que 15 000  joueurs adolescents sont emmenés hors d'Afrique de l'Ouest chaque année.
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TRAFFICKING: Young African footballers 'trafficked' to Laos
21/Jul/2015 News
Boys from West Africa as young as 14 have been 'trafficked' to an unregistered football academy in Laos, where they are given no salary and made to sleep in 'deplorable' accommodation. One NGO, Culture Foot Solidaire, estimates that 15,000 teenage footballers are moved out of West Africa every year - many of them illegally. 
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HEALTH: Most antipsychotic drugs prescribed to teens without mental health diagnosis, study says
16/Jul/2015 News
Researchers expressed concern about drugs for bipolar disorder or schizophrenia being used on children without these disorders. Also worrying is that few patients undergo therapy alongside their drug treatment. 
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CANADA : La Commission Vérité et Réconciliation qualifie de "génocide culturel" la scolarisation forcée des enfants aborigènes
15/Jun/2015 News
Les Canadiens ont pris conscience du désastre causé par la scolarisation forcée de dizaines de milliers d’Amérindiens et d’Inuits de 1870 à 1970.
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LABOUR RIGHTS: Child labour and protecting working children
11/Jun/2015 Publication
Ahead of the World Day against Child Labour on 12 June, CRIN looks at whether in countries where child workers will work with or without labour protections, is a blanket ban on child work the best way of guaranteeing children's interests? 
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CANADA: Forced schooling of aboriginal children was ‘cultural genocide,’ truth commission finds
9/Jun/2015 News
The findings are part of a report documenting widespread physical, cultural and sexual abuse at government-sponsored residential schools run mostly by churches that Indian, Inuit and other indigenous children were forced to attend. 
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COMITÉ AFRICAIN D'EXPERTS : le Sénégal viole les droits des enfants talibés
1/Jun/2015 News
Le Comité africain d'experts sur les droits et le bien-être de l'enfant a rendu sa décision sur le cas des enfants talibés.
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DRUG POLICY: 'Accountability for children and young people at the 2016 UN General Assembly Special Session on Drugs'
19/May/2015 Publication
This paper challenges the current framework for evaluating drug policies, and presents one based on the CRC. The three UN drugs conventions currently fail to prescribe any specific measures for children and young people, and only one of these mentions children explicitly.    
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