Harm reduction (drug use)

RIGHT TO HEALTH: CRIN's submission for OHCHR's report on the Sustainable Development Goals
16/Oct/2017 Publication
This submission was made to provide input the report of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights on the...
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CHILD RIGHTS & UNGASS: From rhetoric to accountability
10/Apr/2016 News
A joint statement by child rights advocates for the UN General Assembly Special Session on Drugs (19-21 April, 2016).
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Les enfants et la consommation de drogues
7/Oct/2015 Publication
Summary: The International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking was observed on 26 June. To mark the day, CRIN...
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HEALTH: Most antipsychotic drugs prescribed to teens without mental health diagnosis, study says
16/Jul/2015 News
Researchers expressed concern about drugs for bipolar disorder or schizophrenia being used on children without these disorders. Also worrying is that few patients undergo therapy alongside their drug treatment. 
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DRUG POLICY: 'Accountability for children and young people at the 2016 UN General Assembly Special Session on Drugs'
19/May/2015 Publication
This paper challenges the current framework for evaluating drug policies, and presents one based on the CRC. The three UN drugs conventions currently fail to prescribe any specific measures for children and young people, and only one of these mentions children explicitly.    
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UK: Increasing amount of drugs prescribed to treat hyperactivity in pre-schoolers
5/Jan/2015 News
[21 December 2014] - An “alarming” number of pre-school children are being prescribed drugs to treat hyperactivity –...
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LIBERTÉ D'EXPRESSION : le rapporteur spécial de l'ONU publie un rapport sur la liberté d'expression des enfants
29/Oct/2014 Publication
Ce rapport examine le droit des enfants à la liberté d'expression et à l'accès à l'information, en s'inquiétant de l’adoption de différentes mesures de restriction de l’information au nom de la soi-disant protection des enfants.
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