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The Christian Institute and others v. The Lord Advocate (Scotland)
Thu, 28/07/2016 - 17:00 Instrument
Case concerning legislation that provided for the sharing of private information between public agencies to promote the well-being of children.
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UN: Children's rights and the Human Rights Committee
28/Aug/2015 Publication
While civil and political rights are recognised specifically for children in the CRC, the review by the Human Rights...
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BULGARIE : les enfants sont souvent privés de liberté
13/Jan/2015 News
Un récent rapport a trouvé que les enfants privés de liberté sont exposés à des risques d'abus, à la violence, la discrimination sociale aiguë et le déni de leurs droits civils, politiques, économiques, sociaux et culturels.
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Concluding Observations for Jordan’s First Report on the OPSC
27/Jun/2014 UN and Regional Documentation
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EDUCATION: Civil and political rights in schools
15/Jul/2010 News
"Children do not lose their human rights by virtue of passing through the school gates....", the Committee on the Rights...
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