Article 6: Survival and development

ENVIRONNEMENT: Le droit des enfants à grandir dans un environnement sain
7/Oct/2015 Publication
[26 July 2010] - With the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico dominating headlines for the past three months, it is difficult...
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Les enfants et la consommation de drogues
7/Oct/2015 Publication
Summary: The International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking was observed on 26 June. To mark the day, CRIN...
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UNITED KINGDOM: Bishop escaped abuse charges after royal family, MPs intervened, court told
7/Oct/2015 News
MPs, a lord chief justice, a member of the royal family and public school headmasters all intervened to stop a bishop being prosecuted for sexual abuse 22 years ago, the Old Bailey has heard.
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The Year in Children's Rights: CRIN's 2014-15 annual report
6/Oct/2015 Publication
CRIN’s annual report wastes no time regurgitating blurb about who we are and what we do. Instead, we present a global picture of children’s rights, wrapping up the past year’s new or persisting issues around the world. 
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PAKISTAN: Man initially arrested as a teenager faces execution
28/Sep/2015 News
Pakistani authorities are set to hang a man who says he was 15 when arrested for a murder he says he did not commit, lawyers have said.
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SUDAN: UPR submission on the inhuman sentencing of children
21/Sep/2015 Publication
Our research indicates that there is a lack of clarity in Sudanese law, such that life imprisonment, corporal punishment...
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SRI LANKA: Child recruitment, attacks on civilians among rights violations documented by UN
18/Sep/2015 Publication
A new report by the United Nations has identified patterns of grave violations in Sri Lanka between 2002 and 2011, and recommends the establishment of a hybrid special court to ensure that justice is served.
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HEALTH: Child death rate cut by half, but UN target missed
10/Sep/2015 News
As many as 16,000 children under five die each day, even though they are half as likely to die before their fifth birthday now than they were in 1990.
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