Article 12: The childs opinion

Committee on the Rights of the Child: 65th session
Mon, 13/01/2014 - 00:00 Event
The Committee on the Rights of the Child will hold its 65th Session from 13 January to 31 January 2014. States under review are Congo, Germany, Holy See, Portugal, Russia and Yemen. 
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Di que no a “Di que no”: Investigación sobre juventudes y privacidad en América
22/Nov/2018 News
En esta contribución para CRIN, Mariel García-Montes habla sobre las tensiones entre las organizaciones que promueven distintos derechos, además de la importancia de reconocer la agencia de los jóvenes usuarios.  
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Just Say No to ‘Just Say No’ — Research on Youth and Privacy in the Americas
17/Oct/2018 News
In this guest post for CRIN, Mariel García-Montes discusses the tension between children's rights organisations and digital rights groups, and the importance of recognising children's agency. 
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RIGHT TO VOTE: CRIN's submission for the forum on human rights, democracy and the rule of law
3/Oct/2018 Publication
CRIN made this submission in May 2018 to provide input ahead of the Forum on Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law...
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RAPPORT : What Lies Beneath
15/May/2018 Publication
En tant qu'ONG, nous posons-nous assez souvent la question de savoir si ce que nous faisons est bien ce que nous devrions faire ? Notre travail est-il nécessaire, répond-t-il à un besoin ?  
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DERECHO A VOTAR: Los países donde los menores de 18 años pueden votar
26/Mar/2018 Publication
A nivel mundial, 23 países actualmente permiten que los mayores de 16 años voten en elecciones locales o nacionales, según datos recopilados por CRIN.
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REPORT: What Lies Beneath
14/Mar/2018 Publication
As NGOs, how often do we question whether what we’re doing is what we ought to be doing? In other words, is our work needed and necessary? Here are CRIN's thoughts on this question. 
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VOTING: CRIN's submission for draft guidelines on the right to participate in public affairs
14/Feb/2018 Publication
This submission was made in February 2018 to provide input for draft guidelines on the effective implementation of the...
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VOTING: CRIN's submission for OHCHR's study on the human rights of young people
12/Jan/2018 Publication
CRIN's submission on children's right to vote.
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