Comité des droits de l'enfant : 42ème session
Mon, 15/05/2006 - 00:00 Event
Summary: Les rapports des pays suivants seront examinés: Colombie, Lettonie, Liban, Marshall Islands, Mexique,...
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Committee on the Rights of the Child: 42nd session
Mon, 15/05/2006 - 00:00 Event
Summary: The Committee on the Rights of the Child will examine reports from Colombia, Latvia, Lebanon, Marshall Islands,...
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International Centre for Child and Youth Studies
2/Apr/2005 Organisation
ICCYS is a specialised unit for training, research and policy analysis which focuses on the needs of children and youth in...
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The Curse of Cotton: Central Asia's Destructive Monoculture
1/Mar/2005 Publication
Summary: Central Asia's cotton industry fuels political...
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FOCUS Asia-Pacific - September 2001
14/Feb/2005 Publication
Summary: The September 2001 issue focuses on the...
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State of the World's Children 2005: Childhood Under Threat
20/Jan/2005 Publication
Summary: The report examines three of the most...
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The Subterranean Child Labour Force: Subcontracted Home Based Manufacturing in Asia
12/May/2003 Publication
Summary: This paper draws on surveys carried...
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