IRAQ: UN helps feed over 550,000 primary schoolchildren (Arabic)
14/Oct/2011 News
برنامج الأغذية العالمي وحكومة العراق يطلقان برنامج التغذية المدرسية لأكثر من نصف مليون طفل...
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VIOLENCE: Female Genital Mutilation in Iraqi Kurdistan - An Empirical Study
16/Aug/2011 Publication
The study provides comprehensive evidence on the underlying dynamics of FGM and helps understand, why mothers who...
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IRAQI KURDISTAN: Law Banning FGM a Positive Step
11/Aug/2011 News
Summary: Bill Shows Commitment to End Violence Against Women...
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2010 Report on Human Rights in Iraq
9/Aug/2011 Publication
Summary: Children in Iraq continue to suffer from violence and armed conflict, in some instances having been recruited or...
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2010 Report on Human Rights in Iraq (Arabic)
8/Aug/2011 Publication
Summary: يشير التقرير إلى أن "أوضاع حقوق الإنسان في العراق لا تزال هشة"، كما يقدم عدداً من التوصيات لمعالجة التحpdf: http:...
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