Article 36: Other forms of exploitation

Concluding Observations for Central African Republic's Initial Periodic Report
3/Oct/2013 UN and Regional Documentation
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ARMED CONFLICT: Charles Taylor’s Conviction Upheld
3/Oct/2013 News
Summary: Charles Taylor’s Conviction Upheld: A Message That Recruiters Of Child Soldiers Will Be Held Accountable....
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Outside the Circle
3/Oct/2013 Publication
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IRAN: Lawmakers pass bill allowing men to marry adopted daughters
30/Sep/2013 News
Summary: Human rights activists say approved bill, making girls vulnerable to the ruling from age 13, 'legalises...
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NORTHERN IRELAND: Child abuse inquiry told 'We were child slaves from a young age'
25/Sep/2013 News
Summary: Hundreds come forward to tell Northern Ireland inquiry about historical institutional abuse in the country....
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