Article 36: Other forms of exploitation

Convention des Nations unies relative aux droits de l'enfant
Vie, 19/12/2014 - 12:30 Instrument
Adoptée et ouverte à la signature, ratification et adhésion par l'Assemblée générale dans sa résolution 44/25 du 20 novembre 1989. Entrée en vigueur le 2 septembre 1990, conformément à l'article 49.
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Supplementary submission to CRC on the protection of child rights in India
20/Mayo/2014 Alternative Report
The report by the Zo Indigenous Forum to the Committee on the rights of the Child (CRC) focusses on the developments and...
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Supplementary submission to CRC on the gender inequality in Indonesia
20/Mayo/2014 Alternative Report
The submission to the Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC) by Equality Now, and the Indonesian-based Kalyanamitra,...
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TURKEY: Probe launched into Soma coal mine disaster and 15-year-old victim
15/Mayo/2014 News
An investigation has begun as to why a 15-year-old boy, who was among the 245 miners killed in the recent mining disaster in Soma, Turkey, was ever allowed to enter the mine. 
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NIGERIA : les lycéennes enlevées "mariées de force aux hommes de Boko Haram"
5/Mayo/2014 News
Enlevées dans leur lycée le 14 avril à Chibok, dans le nord-est du Nigeria, la plupart des 187 jeunes femmes aux mains des islamistes de Boko Haram auraient été mariées de force et emmenées dans les pays voisins, notamment au Cameroun.
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NIGERIA: Kidnapped schoolgirls 'forced to marry captors'
1/Mayo/2014 News
The girls are reportedly being paid £7 to marry Boko Haram militants. 
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COLOMBIA: As peace talks continue, so do human rights abuses and recruitment of children - UN
27/Mar/2014 News
The UN warns that recruitment of children by Colombia’s two main rebel groups continues. Meanwhile the killing of innocent people allegedly at the hands of the army continue to be recorded. 
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Concluding Observations for Portugal's 3rd and 4th Periodic Reports
31/Ene/2014 UN and Regional Documentation
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SLOVAKIA: Government approves a new strategy to protect children from violence
24/Ene/2014 News
A new strategy has been approved by the Slovakian state government for tackling violence against children across the country.  
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