КЕНИЯ: Нубийские дети и борьба за гражданство
7/يونيو/2017 Publication
Уже более века нубийцы живут на территории Кении, но до сих пор они не признаны гражданами этой страны. В результате, в вопросах, касающихся получения доступа к основным услугам, они сталкиваются со значительными ограничениями и дискриминацией.  
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MAYOTTE : Médecins du Monde déplore "une crise sanitaire sans précédent"
22/يونيو/2016 News
Médecins du Monde a mis en garde jeudi contre "une crise sanitaire sans précédent" à Mayotte, où environ 300 personnes chassées de leurs logements par des collectifs d'habitants sont toujours installées sur une place de Mamoudzou dans un camp de fortune.
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UN: Statement of the Committee on the Rights of the Child on the CRC's 26th anniversary
20/نوفمبر/2015 News
A statement from the Committee on the Rights of the Child on the 26th anniversary of the CRC's adoption.
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CHILD RIGHTS: CRIN submission to the OHCHR on children's right to an adequate standard of living
28/أكتوبر/2015 Publication
Submission to the OHCHR for the preparation of the report on "Protection of the family and the contribution of families in realising the right to an adequate standard of living".   
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UN: Children's rights and the Human Rights Committee
28/أغسطس/2015 Publication
While civil and political rights are recognised specifically for children in the CRC, the review by the Human Rights...
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KENYA: Baby A and the question mark
5/أغسطس/2015 Publication
A question mark on an intersex baby’s medical documents in Kenya nearly condemned a child to a life without medical care, schooling or a passport. Challenging the incorrect document, the child’s mother took the case to the Kenyan High Court.
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REP. DOMINICANA: OEA enviará una misión ante la amenaza de deportación forzada de miles de haitianos
1/يوليو/2015 News
Miles de haitianos enfrentan la posibilidad de ser deportados a Haití, un país que no conocen puesto que han nacido en República Dominicana. El 17 de junio pasado venció el plazo para solicitar la residencia, miles han quedado fuera. Miles a los que hace años se les niegan los servicios de salud y educación.
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ITALY: Children's Rights References in the Universal Periodic Review
20/أبريل/2015 Publication
A compilation of extracts featuring child-rights issues from the reports submitted to the second Universal Periodic Review. There are extracts from the 'National report', the 'Compilation of UN information' and the 'Summary of stakeholder information'. Also included is the final report and the list of accepted and rejected recommendations.
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