Physical abuse

EGYPT: Child protesters tortured in prison
10/sep/2014 News
Fifty-two children tortured and sexually abused in Alexandria prison for holding peaceful demonstrations against regime.
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ABUSO SEXUAL: 1 de cada 10 niñas ha sido víctima
8/sep/2014 News
El informe de UNICEF sobre violencia contra los niños, “Ocultos a plena luz”, incluye información de 195 países y busca aportar datos para que los gobiernos adopten decisiones. 
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INDIA: Girl 'humiliated' by village elders found dead
4/sep/2014 News
Dead teenage girl may have been raped after having been humiliated by village "court" for protesting against her father's harassment.
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UK: Failures in Rotherham led to sexual abuse of 1,400 children
1/sep/2014 News
Report says failings in political and police leadership contributed to gang rape and trafficking in South Yorkshire
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AFGHANISTAN: "Bacha bazi" child abuse rising
26/aoû/2014 News
Sexual abuse against children has been rising, says Afghanistan's Independent Human Rights Commission.
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CANADA : Le meurtre d'une jeune Autochtone relance le débat sur une enquête nationale
20/aoû/2014 News
Le meurtre présumé d'une Autochtone de 15 ans a relancé les appels pour une enquête nationale sur la disparition et l'assassinat de femmes des Premières Nations au pays. La Presse Canadienne, 19 août 2014.
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BAHRAIN: Children sentenced to life imprisonment
19/aoû/2014 News
Human rights group in Bahrain expresses grave concern over the ongoing targeting and prosecution of children.
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NIGERIA: Boko Haram abduct dozens of boys from village
18/aoû/2014 News
Boys and men forcibly taken by militant group in north-east Nigeria, four months after kidnapping of schoolgirls.
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AUSTRALIA: Anonymous NGO workers condemn 'systematic' rights violations at detention centre
15/aoû/2014 News
Save the Children workers at Australian-run immigration detention camps on Nauru describe numerous cases of abuse.
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