Physical abuse

EGYPT: Boy, 16, tried before military court next Monday
9/Jan/2015 News
Geneva-based organisation Alkamara pledges for UN intervention in the case of Seif al-Islam Osama Shousha who was arrested March 2014.  
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CENTROAMERICA: El número de niños que intenta huir de centroamérica se duplica en 2014
5/Jan/2015 News
Muchos niños deportados han relatado casos de abuso sexual y violencia por parte de los traficantes de personas.
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NIGERIA : Boko Haram capture 185 nouveaux otages
22/déc/2014 News
Les victimes, en majorité des femmes et des enfants, ont été enlevées dimanche au cours de l'attaque par les islamistes d'un village dans le nord-est du pays.
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CHILD SOLDIERS: International Criminal Court Appeals Chamber upholds conviction and sentence for child recruitment
2/déc/2014 News
The court's decision about the Congolese militia leader Thomas Lubanga Dyilo shows that recruitment of children as child soldiers will not remain unpunished. 
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GREECE: Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights and the competent authorities cooperate with local NGO towards ensuring child-friendly justice victims of abuse
19/nov/2014 News
Child Advocacy Center in Greece to be established by Greek ministry with the help of NGO "The Smile of the Child"
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EU: The current situation of violence towards children
18/nov/2014 Publication
This EU report seeks to provide an insight into the problem of violence towards children in the EU, focusing on the particular vulnerabilty of children and their coresponding need for special protection. The qualitative and quantiative definitions of violence are examined, together with the root causes thereof and ways of preventing it, as well as international child protection standards used for reference. Finally, the document sets out the action taken by the EU to support efforts by Member States to protect children from violence.
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UE : état des lieux de la violence contre les enfants
18/nov/2014 Publication
Aperçu du problème de la violence à l'encontre des enfants au sein de l'UE. Le document présente aussi l'action que l'UE déploie pour soutenir les efforts des États membres dans la protection des enfants.  
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