ITALIE : Une victoire juridique importante souligne l’incapacité des autorités à protéger les droits des Roms
17/juin/2015 News
Un tribunal italien a statué que la municipalité de Rome est coupable de ségrégation pour avoir relogé de force des familles roms dans un camp.
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ITALY: Court condemns the City of Rome over 'nomadic camp'
15/juin/2015 News
The court decision marks the first time in Europe that a State-sanctioned Roma-only settlement is ruled discriminatory. 
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ENVIRONMENT: International human rights law and fracking
15/juin/2015 Publication
This report demonstrates how the international human rights framework can be used to initiate rights-based advocacy against human rights violations that result from the harm caused by hydraulic fracturing (fracking).
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GUATEMALA: Planned mega-dam caused killing of two indigenous children and rights violations of thousands more
27/mar/2015 News
The planned mega-dam, which is backed by European development banks, has been blamed by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights for the death of two Mayan children from August 2014.   
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KENYA: Nubian children and the struggle for citizenship
20/nov/2014 Publication
Nubians have lived in Kenya for more than a century, but are not considered Kenyan nationals. As such, they face significant restrictions when it comes to gaining access to basic amenities like health care and education. In the case of Nubian Minors v. Kenya, the second-class status of Nubians in Kenyan society was challenged.
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CALL TO ACTION: Sign joint letter urging stronger child rights protections in World Bank safeguards
28/oct/2014 News
Call to support the strengthening of child rights protections in World Bank safeguards. The deadline for signing the joint letter is Friday, 31 October 2014. 
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FRANCE : De plus en plus d’enfants SDF trouvent la mort
25/aoû/2014 News
À l’occasion de la publication de son 2e rapport épidémiologique, le collectif des Morts de la rue sonne l’alerte sur les décès des moins de 15 ans.
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ROMA: Romanian court rules on housing rights of Romani community
12/juin/2014 News
Within its ruling, the court said that the eviction of Roma families violates children's right to access education.
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INDONESIA: Children's Rights in the UN Special Procedures' Reports
24/Mai/2013 Publication
Summary: This report extracts mentions of children's rights issues in the reports of the UN Special Procedures. This does...
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