Article 40: Administration of juvenile justice

2/mar/2004 Publication
Summary: This edition gives news on the...
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The Exclusion of Child Offenders from the Death Penalty under General International Law
22/juil/2003 Publication
Summary: This paper examines the evidence...
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The Roma Rights Summer Workshop
dim, 06/07/2003 - 00:00 Event
Summary: A workshop for Romani leaders,...
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Children Behind Bars: Youth who are Detained, Incarcerated & Executed
19/mar/2003 Publication
Summary: This booklet looks at the reasons...
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Child Abuse and Adult Justice - National Reports
5/fév/2003 Publication
Summary: These reports examine practices...
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Child Abuse and Adult Justice
29/Jan/2003 Publication
Summary: This report deals with the ways in...
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Justice for Children - Challenges for Policy and Practice in Sub-Saharan Africa.
29/Jan/2003 Publication
Summary: Written for individuals &...
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Juvenile Justice Guidebook
19/juil/2002 Publication
Summary: This guidebook on Juvenile Justice in...
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UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, A/RES/44/25
10/juin/2002 UN and Regional Documentation
To view status of ratifications go
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Convention relative aux droits de l'enfant, A/RES/44/25
5/juin/2002 UN and Regional Documentation
état des ratifications:
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