Article 14: Freedom of thought, conscience and religion

NIÑEZ MIGRANTE: Jueza de California determina que es ilegal la detención de niños indocumentados
27/juil/2015 News
Detener a los niños migrantes con sus madres tras haber cruzado la frontera entre México y Estados Unidos viola un acuerdo judicial de 18 años de antigüedad.
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ITALY: Venice mayor bans children's books on homosexuality and disabilities
13/juil/2015 News
Despite claiming his decision does not aim to discriminate, a total 49 children's books have been blacklisted.
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DENMARK: 'How I was deradicalised'
6/juil/2015 News
Article covering a Muslim teenager's experience in Denmark's programme to dissuade young people from going to fight for al-Qaeda or Islamic State.
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EQUALITY: Girl Scouts returns $100,000 when donor demands it not be used for transgender girls
2/juil/2015 News
"Please guarantee that our gift will not be used to support transgender girls," the donor's letter read. "If you can’t, please return the money." The Girl Scouts of Western Washington CEO, Megan Ferland,  said the decision to return the money a no-brainer.  
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TURKEY: Top court rules that compulsory religious education is unlawful
30/juin/2015 News
The plaintiffs behind the challenge argued that compulsory religious education did not comply with their religious and philosophical beliefs. 
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NETHERLANDS: Remove age limits on right to die, say paediatricians
30/juin/2015 News
The Dutch Paediatric Association says the country should follow Belgium in changing law on euthanasia and scrapping age limit for children in unbearable suffering. 
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JUSTICE: 'Children’s equitable access to justice in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia'
16/juin/2015 Publication
This UNICEF report sheds light on the tremendous barriers children in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia face in accessing justice for violations of their rights. 
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MALTA: Gov't launches new policy to help schools address needs of trans, intersex students
16/juin/2015 News
Activists have welcomed the policy, which recommends an end to gender segregation in schools through things like uniforms, sports lessons, as well as facilities like toilets. 
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CANADA : La Commission Vérité et Réconciliation qualifie de "génocide culturel" la scolarisation forcée des enfants aborigènes
15/juin/2015 News
Les Canadiens ont pris conscience du désastre causé par la scolarisation forcée de dizaines de milliers d’Amérindiens et d’Inuits de 1870 à 1970.
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