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ROYAUME-UNI : l'excision, scandale national
7/juil/2014 News
L'excision est un "scandale national" au Royaume-Uni où elle concerne quelque 170.000 femmes, ont dénoncé aujourd'hui des députés dans un rapport qui fustige l'échec des autorités à lutter contre ces mutilations. Le Figaro, 3 juillet 2014
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FGM: Spanish court sentences Gambian couple over Female Genital Mutilation
20/juin/2014 News
Court confirms 12 year prison sentences for Gambian couple in Barcelona for circumcising their two daughters who are minors. 
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PAKISTAN: Minorities fear ‘forced conversion’ to Islam
17/juin/2014 News
Human rights groups believe the number of reported cases failing to capture the true extent of the problem.
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UNITED KINGDOM: New law makes it criminal offence to force children into marriage
16/juin/2014 News
Campaigners say that the new law in England and Wales sends "a powerful message".
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YEMEN: Draft law seeks to reform child rights abuses
28/avr/2014 News
Draft law which proposes to curb the problems of child marriage, FGM, child labour and the use of child soldiers, awaits approval from the country's Parliament.
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FINLAND: MPs support proposed restrictions on circumcision
10/avr/2014 News
[3 April 2014] - A draft law aimed at banning circumcision has received considerable support from the lawmakers in...
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IRAK: Se prevé legalizar el matrimonio entre niños de 9 años
10/avr/2014 News
El proyecto de ley, que establece nuevas reglas matrimoniales e introduce nuevas restricciones religiosas.
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IRAQ: Do not legalise marriage for nine-year-olds, say human rights groups
17/mar/2014 News
Draft law would be a step backwards for women and children's rights.
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АРМЕНИЯ: Активисты выступают за принятие закона о домашнем насилии
12/mar/2014 News
Как и на остальной территории Закавказья, женщины Армении могут рассчитывать, что в их честь будут подниматься тосты, им...
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UK: Minister urges world to tackle child marriage in same way as FGM
6/mar/2014 News
International Development Minister Justine Greening calls on leaders and campaigners to tackle child marriage, in a similar global effort to that against FGM.
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