Article 1: Definition of a child

Inter Press Service News Agency
31/Ago/2004 News
Summary: Servicio independiente de noticias...
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Questions of Quality
Jue, 23/09/2004 - 00:00 Event
Summary: The theme we have chosen is Quality...
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Acción por los niños
3/Ago/2004 News
Summary: Combina la intervención directa con...
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CRIN-NGO Group Joint Working Paper No. 1: A Profile of National Child Rights Coalitions
1/Jun/2004 Publication
Summary: Findings of the NGO Group for the...
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World Youth Report 2003: The global situation of young people
4/Mayo/2004 Publication
Summary: The report provides an overview of...
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Perceptions of Childhood
5/Feb/2003 Publication
Summary: Concepts of childhood differ between...
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