Article 1: Definition of a child

Committee on the Rights of the Child: 65th session
Lun, 13/01/2014 - 00:00 Event
The Committee on the Rights of the Child will hold its 65th Session from 13 January to 31 January 2014. States under review are Congo, Germany, Holy See, Portugal, Russia and Yemen. 
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Best interests and the prohibition of violence: FGM and non-refoulement before the CRC
20/Sep/2018 Publication
The Committee on the Rights of the Child published its first views under the third Optional Protocol to the CRC this year. Learn more about the decision and its importance.
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RAPPORT : What Lies Beneath
15/Mayo/2018 Publication
En tant qu'ONG, nous posons-nous assez souvent la question de savoir si ce que nous faisons est bien ce que nous devrions faire ? Notre travail est-il nécessaire, répond-t-il à un besoin ?  
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REPORT: What Lies Beneath
14/Mar/2018 Publication
As NGOs, how often do we question whether what we’re doing is what we ought to be doing? In other words, is our work needed and necessary? Here are CRIN's thoughts on this question. 
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IAM (on behalf of KYM) v. Denmark
Jue, 25/01/2018 - 00:00 Instrument
Case concerning the deportation of a child to a country where she would be at risk of female genital mutilation.
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ARGENTINA: Juvenile life sentences breached human rights standards
11/Ene/2017 Publication
Five Argentinian children were sentenced to life in prison, suffering grievous ill-treatment and incarceration for years before their cases were heard by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.
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Mapping the Global Goals for Sustainable Development and the Convention on the Rights of the Child
17/Nov/2016 Publication
It has been recognized widely that all 17 Sustainable Development Goals are relevant for children but how do they...
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Constitutionality Review of Estonia's Draft Non-Profit Associations Act 1996
Vie, 10/05/1996 - 14:00 Instrument
Case concerning the review of draft legislation which prevented children from forming non-profit associations.
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FRANCE : Dans la «jungle» évacuée, plus de 200 mineurs restent sur le carreau
27/Oct/2016 News
Alors que la préfète du Pas-de-Calais Fabienne Buccio annonce que sa «mission» est «remplie», 200 mineurs restent sur le carreau. 
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Une frontière arbitraire : document de réflexion sur les âges minimums
20/Oct/2016 Publication
Un nouveau document de réflexion qui passe en revue l'utilisation et l'utilité des seuils d'âge dans le contexte de quelques questions de droits de l'enfant controversées.  Le document révèle le caractère parfois incohérent, discriminatoire et arbitraire des âges minimums.  
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