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MEXICO: Authorities fail to protect children & adults with disabilities from torture, trafficking & segregation
23/Jul/2015 Publication
This report by Disability Rights International focuses on an institution for children and adults with disabilities where sexual abuse, sterilisation, trafficking, inadequate medical care and degrading living conditions are rampant. Yet authorities allow such a place to continue operating without interference. 
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TRAFFICKING: Young African footballers 'trafficked' to Laos
21/Jul/2015 News
Boys from West Africa as young as 14 have been 'trafficked' to an unregistered football academy in Laos, where they are given no salary and made to sleep in 'deplorable' accommodation. One NGO, Culture Foot Solidaire, estimates that 15,000 teenage footballers are moved out of West Africa every year - many of them illegally. 
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SOUTH AFRICA: Teenagers no longer prosecuted for kissing or consensual sex
20/Jul/2015 Publication
A law that criminalised sexual activity between consenting adolescents in South Africa - even for kissing and cuddling - and required them to be put on a sex offenders register was struck down as unconstitutional after a challenge from the Centre for Child Law. CRIN looks at the issue in this case study.
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ТАДЖИКИСТАН: Как живут семьи мигрантов, уехавших в Россию
20/Jul/2015 News
Денежные переводы трудовых мигрантов помогают выжить миллионам семей в Таджикистане, однако продолжительное отсутствие...
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HEALTH: Most antipsychotic drugs prescribed to teens without mental health diagnosis, study says
16/Jul/2015 News
Researchers expressed concern about drugs for bipolar disorder or schizophrenia being used on children without these disorders. Also worrying is that few patients undergo therapy alongside their drug treatment. 
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BUSINESS: Obligations and actions on children's rights and business
14/Jul/2015 Publication
A practical guide for States on how to implement the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child’s General Comment...
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BUSINESS: Children's rights and business explained
14/Jul/2015 Publication
A reader-friendly version of the Committee on the Rights of the Child's General Comment No. 16 on state obligations...
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УКРАИНА: Лекарственный дефицит на Донбассе сказывается на детях
10/Jul/2015 News
За почти 15 месяцев военной операции на Донбассе жители региона столкнулись с еще одной трудноразрешимой проблемой. Кроме...
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UNICEF: 'Progress for Children Beyond Averages - Learning from the MDGs'
30/Jun/2015 Publication
This eleventh edition of Progress for Children is UNICEF’s final report on the child-related Millennium Development Goals ...
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NETHERLANDS: Remove age limits on right to die, say paediatricians
30/Jun/2015 News
The Dutch Paediatric Association says the country should follow Belgium in changing law on euthanasia and scrapping age limit for children in unbearable suffering. 
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