Dangerous, harmful or hazardous work

Uganda: 40 children are born with HIV each day and one in two is malnourished
3/Aug/2006 News
Summary: With Ugandan elections on February 23 just weeks away, Save the Children is calling on the candidates to pledge...
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Keeping Children Safe - Child Protection Toolkit
30/Mar/2006 Publication
Summary: The Keeping Children Safe Coalition has developed a set of tools to help organisations working in developing...
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Every Girl Counts, Development, Justice and Gender
17/Feb/2006 Publication
Summary: World Vision International's submission to the UN Study on Violence against children.pdf: http://www.wvi.org...
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Opening Ceremony of the 2nd World Congress on Children's and Young People's Rights (21 November 2005)
13/Feb/2006 News
Summary: The Second World Congress on Children's and Young People's Rights opened this morning in Lima, Peru. Among the...
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10th Australasian Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect
Tue, 14/02/2006 - 00:00 Event
Summary: The theme of the conference is Puawai Nga Tamariki, Blossoming of Our Children - Resilience, Rights,...
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NIGERIA: 15 Million Children Toil in Slavery (18 November 2005)
22/Nov/2005 News
Summary: NAPTIP (the National Agency for Prohibition and Trafficking in Persons and Other Related Matters) has disclosed...
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Changing Patterns of Child Labout around the World since 1950: The Roles of Income Growth, Parental Literacy and Agriculture
11/Oct/2005 Publication
Summary: This study explores why and how child labour has declined over time, why child labour persists, and how it may be...
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Camel Jockeys of Rahimyar Khan: Findings of a participatory research on the life and situation of child camel jockeys
22/Sep/2005 Publication
Summary: The information collected from children for this research gives us a detailed account of the situation which the...
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