UNITED STATES: Judge orders children to juvenile detention for refusing to see their father
9/Jul/2015 News
Three siblings were held in contempt of court for refusing an order by a judge to have lunch with their father, and were ordered to a juvenile detention facility until they turn 18 years old. The children are aged 14, 10 and 9, respectively. 
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NETHERLANDS: Remove age limits on right to die, say paediatricians
30/Jun/2015 News
The Dutch Paediatric Association says the country should follow Belgium in changing law on euthanasia and scrapping age limit for children in unbearable suffering. 
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ZIMBABWE: Courts are seeing 'consenting' sex with over-12s as unproblematic, activists say
15/Jun/2015 News
Courts appear to be trivialising child sex abuse, activists say, as child rapists are being acquitted as long as the child is over the age of 12 and appears to have consented. 
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LABOUR RIGHTS: Child labour and protecting working children
11/Jun/2015 Publication
Ahead of the World Day against Child Labour on 12 June, CRIN looks at whether in countries where child workers will work with or without labour protections, is a blanket ban on child work the best way of guaranteeing children's interests? 
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DRUG POLICY: 'Accountability for children and young people at the 2016 UN General Assembly Special Session on Drugs'
19/May/2015 Publication
This paper challenges the current framework for evaluating drug policies, and presents one based on the CRC. The three UN drugs conventions currently fail to prescribe any specific measures for children and young people, and only one of these mentions children explicitly.    
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GUATEMALA: Almost 800 plaintiffs bring billion-dollar lawsuit over deliberate infection of STDs
15/Apr/2015 News
The lawsuit seeks damages for individuals, spouses and children of people deliberately infected with STDs through a secretive and non-consensual US government programme. 
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GUATEMALA: Planned mega-dam caused killing of two indigenous children and rights violations of thousands more
27/Mar/2015 News
The planned mega-dam, which is backed by European development banks, has been blamed by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights for the death of two Mayan children from August 2014.   
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NIGERIA: Child brides facing death sentences a decade after child marriage prohibited
11/Mar/2015 News
Ten years after underage marriage was prohibited, 39 percent of girls are married before age 15, and two remain on death row for killing much older husbands.      
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SOUTH SUDAN: Gunmen kidnap at least 89 boys from village near Malakal
23/Feb/2015 News
UNICEF estimates that at least 12,000 children have been taken or recruited in South Sudan’s civil war for use as soldiers last year.       
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