Article 40: Administration of juvenile justice

UNITED STATES: Decriminalising children exploited for prostitution is not 'legalisation'
11/Jan/2017 Publication
The internet has been ablaze over the last few weeks after incendiary comments from California lawmaker Travis Allen about his state 'legalising child prostitution'. Here are a few reasons why he is so wrong.
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ARGENTINA: Juvenile life sentences breached human rights standards
11/Jan/2017 Publication
Five Argentinian children were sentenced to life in prison, suffering grievous ill-treatment and incarceration for years before their cases were heard by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.
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PHILIPPINES: Open letter to the Minister of Justice on the death penalty
12/Dec/2016 Publication
An open letter from CRIN to the Philippines' Department of Justice about draft legislation proposing criminalisation and execution of children.
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Mapping the Global Goals for Sustainable Development and the Convention on the Rights of the Child
17/Nov/2016 Publication
It has been recognized widely that all 17 Sustainable Development Goals are relevant for children but how do they...
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Decision of the Plenary Session of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation No. 1 of 1 February 2011
Tue, 01/02/2011 - 13:00 Instrument
Case concerning the review of Russian procedures and practices in criminal cases involving juvenile offenders.
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R.B. (a juvenile) v. Attorney General
Thu, 01/09/2016 - 17:00 Instrument
Case concerning the detention without bail of a juvenile offender.
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Case No. ԵԱՆԴ/0094/01/13
Fri, 28/08/2015 - 16:30 Instrument
Case concerning the legality of an extension in prison sentence for a juvenile.
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العدالة الصديقة للطفل وحقوق الطفل
25/Oct/2016 Publication
الملخص: تقرير عن حق الطفل في العدالة الصديقة للطفل، بما في ذلك أمثلة من الممارسات الجيدة والمعايير الدولية والإقليمية،...
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FRANCE: Life imprisonment sentences for children abolished
21/Oct/2016 News
France has become the latest country to ban life imprisonment for children.
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Une frontière arbitraire : document de réflexion sur les âges minimums
20/Oct/2016 Publication
Un nouveau document de réflexion qui passe en revue l'utilisation et l'utilité des seuils d'âge dans le contexte de quelques questions de droits de l'enfant controversées.  Le document révèle le caractère parfois incohérent, discriminatoire et arbitraire des âges minimums.  
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