Article 27: Standard of living

APATRIDIE : pas le droit d’avoir des droits
7/Oct/2015 Publication
Contents: Introduction - International law and the special protected status of children - Why are children stateless? -...
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DISCRIMINATION : Roms et droits de l’enfant
7/Oct/2015 Publication
Menu: Introduction | How are Roma discriminated against? | Roma children | Opportunities for redress and advocacy |...
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The Year in Children's Rights: CRIN's 2014-15 annual report
6/Oct/2015 Publication
CRIN’s annual report wastes no time regurgitating blurb about who we are and what we do. Instead, we present a global picture of children’s rights, wrapping up the past year’s new or persisting issues around the world. 
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AFGHANISTAN: President vows to stop 'inhuman' child sex abuse
24/Sep/2015 News
The Afghan government says it has "undertaken serious measures" to prevent "abominable" child sexual abuse following a report alleging the practice was rife among the country's armed forces and militias.
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SENEGAL: First steps taken to eradicate forced child begging in Quranic schools
7/Aug/2015 Publication
A committee of African human rights experts agreed that Senegal must work to stop children in Quranic schools being forced to beg for food and money after two postgraduate students compiled a complaint on behalf of the exploited children.
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STREET CHILDREN: New guides on street children and the CRC's General Comment
3/Aug/2015 Publication
A guide to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child’s forthcoming General Comment on children in street situations and a fact sheet about children in street situations, debunking a series of common myths about them, from the Consortium for Street Children.
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