Article 27: Standard of living

UNITED STATES: Judge orders release of immigrant children detained
27/Jul/2015 News
A federal judge has said that the government's policy of detaining migrant children and their mothers violates a longstanding ruling that found that such mass detention is against US law.
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MEXICO: Authorities fail to protect children & adults with disabilities from torture, trafficking & segregation
23/Jul/2015 Publication
This report by Disability Rights International focuses on an institution for children and adults with disabilities where sexual abuse, sterilisation, trafficking, inadequate medical care and degrading living conditions are rampant. Yet authorities allow such a place to continue operating without interference. 
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UNICEF: 'Progress for Children Beyond Averages - Learning from the MDGs'
30/Jun/2015 Publication
This eleventh edition of Progress for Children is UNICEF’s final report on the child-related Millennium Development Goals ...
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NETHERLANDS: Remove age limits on right to die, say paediatricians
30/Jun/2015 News
The Dutch Paediatric Association says the country should follow Belgium in changing law on euthanasia and scrapping age limit for children in unbearable suffering. 
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ITALIE : Une victoire juridique importante souligne l’incapacité des autorités à protéger les droits des Roms
17/Jun/2015 News
Un tribunal italien a statué que la municipalité de Rome est coupable de ségrégation pour avoir relogé de force des familles roms dans un camp.
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JUSTICE: 'Children’s equitable access to justice in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia'
16/Jun/2015 Publication
This UNICEF report sheds light on the tremendous barriers children in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia face in accessing justice for violations of their rights. 
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ITALY: Court condemns the City of Rome over 'nomadic camp'
15/Jun/2015 News
The court decision marks the first time in Europe that a State-sanctioned Roma-only settlement is ruled discriminatory. 
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