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TRANSPARENCY: Russia, China and Saudi Arabia among States seeking election to the UN Human Rights Council
26/Nov/2013 News
Fourteen new countries will be elected to the UN’s human rights scrutinising body next week, with France, the United...
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Universal Periodic Review - Session 18
Mon, 27/01/2014 - 00:00 Event
  States being reviewed: Afghanistan, Cambodia, Chile, Comoros, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Eritrea, Macedonia, New Zealand, Slovakia, Uruguay, Vanuatu, Viet Nam, Yemen
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Progress towards the MDGs? fragile gains and deep inequalities
17/Apr/2013 Publication
Summary: Much remains to be done if progress towards achieving the mdgs is to be sustained. Young lives research is...
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Poverty and gender inequalities: evidence from young lives
17/Apr/2013 Publication
Summary: Tackling gender inequalities has become central to poverty reduction strategies. yet gender dynamics between...
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What Inequality Means For Children: Evidence From Young Lives
3/Apr/2013 Publication
Summary: Understanding how poverty and inequalities affect children is central to understanding the impact of the MDGs and...
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Attorneys for the Rights of the Child
9/Oct/2012 Organisation
To educate the public, the bar (lawyers), and the judiciary (judges) about the harm caused by all forms of childhood...
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TRANSPARENCY CAMPAIGN: Restrictions on children's rights defenders
1/Oct/2012 Publication
Summary: ALERT US: If you are aware of draft laws to restrict civil society activities or existing restrictions not...
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