ТАДЖИКИСТАН: Дети умирают от систематического недоедания
5/Apr/2012 News
Summary: TAJIKISTAN: Undernourishment claims lives of youngsters (Russian)...
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TAJIKISTAN: Country joins 'World’s Worst Religious Freedom Violators'
2/Apr/2012 News
Summary: The Muslim majority is particularly targeted, with one new law even limiting parents' choice of their children's...
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TAJIKISTAN: Poverty encourages early marriages
6/Mar/2012 News
Summary: Tajikistan’s widespread poverty is a major cause of early marriage in the country, especially in rural families....
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ТАДЖИКИСТАН: Нищета провоцирует ранние браки
5/Mar/2012 News
Summary: TAJIKISTAN: Poverty encourages early marriages (Russian)...
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TAJIKISTAN: National Laws
24/Jan/2012 Publication
Summary: General overview of Tajikistan's national legal provisions on children's rights, including guidance on how to...
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