IRELAND: Total ban on smacking children under consideration by gov't
3/Jan/2012 News
Summary: Currently, parents can use a defence of “reasonable chastisement” if any legal issues arise. ...
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IRELAND: Travellers could get legal ethnic recognition
7/Oct/2011 News
Summary: Being legally recognised as an ethnic minority would give Travellers stronger legal rights in the areas of health...
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IRLANDE : Amnesty accuse des prêtres pédophiles de "torture"
27/Sep/2011 News
Summary: Les abus sexuels commis par des religieux catholiques sur des "dizaines de milliers" d'enfants en Irlande pendant...
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IRELAND: Abuse of children in institutions amounts to torture
26/Sep/2011 News
Summary: The abuse of thousands of innocent children in State and church run institutions in Ireland amounted to torture,...
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