Iran, Islamic Republic of

Society for Protecting the Rights of the Child
3/Oct/2003 Organisation
The main goal of the SPRC is advocating and promoting the UN Conventions on the Rights of the Child. It is engaged in...
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The Subterranean Child Labour Force: Subcontracted Home Based Manufacturing in Asia
12/May/2003 Publication
Summary: This paper draws on surveys carried...
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A Future for all our Children
6/May/2003 Publication
Summary: This report looks at the four areas of...
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2nd Leadership Training on Gender, Sexuality and Sexual Health in South East Asia and China
Mon, 18/08/2003 - 00:00 Event
Summary: There is little understanding of the...
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The 38th International Youth Camp (IYC)
Sun, 03/08/2003 - 00:00 Event
Summary: This year IYC is providing workcamps...
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