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ARMED CONFLICT: Highlight on Philippines
31/Окт/2013 Publication
Summary: This briefing paper provides a background of the armed conflict in the Philippines and its impact on children....
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Child Poverty Strategy Progress Report 2013-Children's Commissioner for Wales
17/Окт/2013 Publication
 Child Poverty Strategy Progress Report 2013...
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Children and economic strengthening programs: maximizing benefits and minimizing harm
16/Окт/2013 Publication
Summary: This guide is designed for practitioners designing or implementing economic strengthening (es) programs in low...
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YEMEN: Human Rights Committee Submission on Inhuman Sentencing
14/Окт/2013 Publication
Summary: Our research indicates that in Yemen, may be lawfully sentenced to corporal punishment for crimes committed while...
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MALDIVES: Political parties, their policies for social change and child welfare– at a glance
2/Сен/2013 Publication
Summary: The Maldives is preparing for presidential elections scheduled for the 7 September 2013. Four political parties...
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At what cost? The untoward costs of children's education in Rwanda
2/Сен/2013 Publication
Summary: Despite a fee-free policy that would suggest otherwise, children in Rwanda contend with a range of school-related...
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