Article 1: Definition of a child

NIGERIA : une enfant victime de mariage forcé libérée du couloir de la mort
14/Сен/2016 News
Après trois ans dans le couloir de la mort, une enfant victime de mariage forcé, accusée d'aoir tué son mari, a été libérée.
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NIGERIA: Child bride released from death row
9/Сен/2016 News
After three years on death row, a child bride accused of murder has been released from prison.
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Установление минимального возраста - Дискуссионный документ
17/Авг/2016 Publication
Когда минимальный возраст защищает или ограничивает права детей? Что подразумевается под свободным и информированным...
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EURO 2016: Children's rights champions of Europe
10/Июн/2016 Publication
A lot has been written about the footballing form and potential of the 24 nations competing in France, but which nation is Europe's children's rights champion?
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Age is Arbitrary - Discussion paper on setting minimum ages
11/Апр/2016 Publication
New CRIN discussion paper examines the use and worth of age thresholds in the context of a number of contentious children’s rights issues. The paper exposes how minimum ages can be inconsistent, discriminatory and arbitrary.  
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ADOLESCENTS: General Comment questionnaire results
24/Мар/2016 Publication
Results of a survey carried out on behalf of the Committee on the Rights of the Child gathering evidence for the upcoming General Comment on the Rights of Adolescents.
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BANGLADESH: Mandatory death penalty declared void after 14-year legal battle
10/Мар/2016 Publication
Sentenced to death for a crime allegedly committed when he was just 14, a Bangladeshi boy’s case became the centre of a lengthy legal battle which ultimately led to mandatory executions being declared unconstitutional.
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RWANDA: MPs to change law on capacity to help children access justice
2/Мар/2016 News
Children in Rwanda may soon gain direct access to justice much younger once an amendment to harmonise disparities in the country's different minimum ages is passed.  
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COLOMBIA: Free education secured for 12 million children
25/Янв/2016 Publication
Part of a law which allowed the Colombian government to charge for primary education was deemed unconstitutional after a direct challenge against its discriminatory provisions.
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