Psychological punishment

TURKEY: Teacher calls for 'harassment teams' against miniskirts
20/fév/2015 News
The deputy principal of an Anatolian high school suggested that “male students could follow girls who wear short skirts to make them feel uncomfortable, after which the students would eventually have to dress ‘properly.’”
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SUDAN: Girls among victims of mass rape by the Sudanese army
12/fév/2015 News
More than 221 women and girls were raped in Tabit over 36 hours in October last year, a new report reveals. Since the attacks, the Sudanese government has blocked UN investigators from entering the town to try to prevent victims and witnesses from sharing information about the crimes.
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CHILD LABOUR: Child domestic workers - the dawn of a new Convention?
11/fév/2015 Publication
Menu: Introduction | Call for Action | UN Committee on Migrant Workers | Violations of the rights of child domestic...
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PERU: Autoridades firman Declaración por Infancia y eliminación de violencia contra menores
5/fév/2015 News
Queda pendiente el debate y la aprobación del Nuevo Código de Niños, Niñas y Adolescentes que plantea también la prohibición del castigo físico.
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EU: The current situation of violence towards children
18/nov/2014 Publication
This EU report seeks to provide an insight into the problem of violence towards children in the EU, focusing on the particular vulnerabilty of children and their coresponding need for special protection. The qualitative and quantiative definitions of violence are examined, together with the root causes thereof and ways of preventing it, as well as international child protection standards used for reference. Finally, the document sets out the action taken by the EU to support efforts by Member States to protect children from violence.
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UE : état des lieux de la violence contre les enfants
18/nov/2014 Publication
Aperçu du problème de la violence à l'encontre des enfants au sein de l'UE. Le document présente aussi l'action que l'UE déploie pour soutenir les efforts des États membres dans la protection des enfants.  
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USA: New law to protect jailed youth in California
6/oct/2014 News
California Governor signs a bill that could prevent hundreds of young offenders from enduring rape, assault, and gang life in prison.
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RUSSIA: Children with disabilities face violence and neglect
15/sep/2014 News
Human Rights Watch urges authorities to end 'orphanage' system and to prioritise support for children with disabilities to live with their families or in other family settings.
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INDIA: Girl 'humiliated' by village elders found dead
4/sep/2014 News
Dead teenage girl may have been raped after having been humiliated by village "court" for protesting against her father's harassment.
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USA: Inquiry finds a ‘culture of violence’ against teenage inmates at New York's Rikers Island
5/aoû/2014 News
Inquiry finds that the civil rights of male teenagers were violated and that there was no protection given to the boys from the rampant use of unnecessary and excessive force by correction officers.
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