Physical abuse

REPORT: African children subject to 'alarming' levels of violence
12/fév/2015 Publication
This report by the African Child Policy Forum shows that children across Africa face unacceptably high levels of physical, sexual and emotional violence at home, at school and in the streets.
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CHILD LABOUR: Child domestic workers - the dawn of a new Convention?
11/fév/2015 Publication
Menu: Introduction | Call for Action | UN Committee on Migrant Workers | Violations of the rights of child domestic...
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UN REPORT: Attacks against girls’ education occurring with 'increasing regularity'
10/fév/2015 Publication
Girls advocating for gender equality in education have been increasingly the target of violence such as killings and abductions over the last five years, research evidence from over 70 countries shows.
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HOLY SEE: CRC Session Transcript
5/fév/2015 Publication
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MIGRATION: Deported Central American child migrants face death at home
4/fév/2015 News
Last year, nearly 60 percent of children interviewed by the UNHCR said they had fled abroad because they feared being recruited or faced harm at the hands of armed groups.
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UZBEKISTAN: World Bank rejects child and forced labour probe
3/fév/2015 News
“To millions of victims of forced labour in Uzbekistan, the bank has said that despite recognising the relationship between their plight and its loans, it is not worth investigating.” (Umida Niyazova, director of the Uzbek-German Forum for Human Rights)
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DISABLED CHILDREN: The African Report on Children with Disabilities: Promising Starts and Persisting Challenges
30/Jan/2015 Publication
[3 December 2014] - A new report by the African Child Policy Forum (ACPF) highlights the stigma, discrimination and...
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INDIA: Police rescues hundreds of trafficked child slaves from bangle-making workshop
30/Jan/2015 News
Most of the the children were trafficked away from their impoverished parents in the states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh in exchange for 5,000 rupees ($80) as payment.
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SOUTH SUDAN: Child soldiers released following deal with state and rebels
27/Jan/2015 News
Today 280 boys returned home as part of an agreement to demobolise 3000 children over the next few weeks.
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CANADA: Report on murdered and missing indigenous women in British Columbia
14/Jan/2015 News
Findings show that while indigenous women are significantly over-represented as victims, the police have failed to adequately prevent and protect indigenous women and girls from killings, disappearances and extreme forms of violence.
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